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The History of The King's Court Foundation

The organization was officially re-launched in May 2004 with a new Board, President and focus.  It is a continuation of a transformation project, initiated under African Enterprise in 2000, that had pilot projects in Rwanda and Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Since its launch the ministry has been primarily engaged in researching biblical community lifestyle patterns and practices of Christians in government, the marketplace, and the church that have made a significant contribution to the godly social transformation of individuals, institutions and communities.  It has also served the greater Pasadena community in implementing some of these principles and best practices.

In 2008 the First Pasadena Global Day of Prayer (PGDOP) in Memorial Park was coordinated under the auspices of 'Love Pasadena' a collaboration effort involving the support of different church traditions, civic leaders, and pastor coalitions, including the Clergy Community Coalition, Interdenominational Ministry Alliance of Greater Pasadena, Pastors Praying for Pasadena.  Different congregations took evenings of prayer between the National Day of Prayer at the Rose Bowl and the PGDOP.

During 2009 around the clock prayer was mobilized over Pasadena, with the help of Watchman ministries.  This was a part of other prayer efforts and included twenty-three congregations and ministries each signing up to pray 24hrs on a different date between May 8 and the second Pasadena Global Day of Prayer of May 31, 2009.  The second PGDOP was jointly coordinated with Grace Community Outreach and held in the Court of Champions at the Rose Bowl Stadium, involving African Americans, Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics and Armenians. The acting Pasadena Police Chief openly acknowledged the role of prayer in keeping crime and homicide rates down in Pasadena. 

Through the different foci of the King's Court ministry it is our prayer and desire that many of the Body of Christ, particularly this generation, in southern California, Africa, and beyond be encouraged and equipped.  We passionately desire that the Kingdom of God come 'on earth as it is in heaven."


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