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Many believe the main cause for the problems facing communities and nations today is the absence of a Kingdom orientation and lifestyle among Christians. In fact many would go on to say that many of the challenges facing Christians is due to a lack of Kingdom Living in the Church.  And yet the Kingdom of God is what Jesus spoke of more than any other topic. Kingdom Living is essentially living a lifestyle of Spirit-led love.

Jesus said that the greatest commandment was to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and the second commandment was to love your neighbor as you love yourself. He also said to love our enemies and other believers - that if anyone hated another person they did not love God.

The vast scriptural knowledge of the religious leaders of the day did not stop Jesus being most critical of them. He called them hypocritical whitewashed tombs because they looked good on the outside but inside were full of ‘self-indulgence.’ They had woefully neglected the essence of living for God - justice, mercy and faithfulness.

Jesus’ comments strike each of us deeply today. Many of us Christians today are as guilty as they are. Many of us have neglected promoting justice (love acting through structures); being merciful towards those we disagree with or judge; and many of us have been unfaithful in trusting God amidst adverse circumstance - particularly when it comes to loving our enemies or those we hold responsible for the adverse circumstances. Fearful of our comfort levels being threatened, we have all to often used doctrinal issues and reasoning to isolate us from other people or our brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of God.

The Christian church in many parts of the world is deeply divided – to our detriment and to the detriment of the world. Jesus prayed that all believers would be One as He and the Father were One so that the world may believe. We are told to be especially good to other believers. In fact we are told that doing good is what overcomes evil in the world. Slavery was primarily abolished in the British Empire by a group of committed Christians who took these truths seriously.

Today we all to often cry out for a great revival to come and do it in so much isolation, indifference or unappreciation toward the rest of the body of Christ. As we fervently pursue new levels in our spirituality, the Lord mercifully rewards our efforts to varying degrees, yet we still fail to see widespread revival coming to our communities and the glory of God filling our lands.

Could it be that we have failed to recognize the intensely relational persona of God? When the brethren are dwelling in spiritual unity God cannot deny Himself and He will come in glory and in power! Revival will come, just as it did in Acts. His presence, His Spirit, His Kingdom will come in such overwhelming measure that many will receive Jesus as Lord. We will have the problem the Apostle Paul had where, within two years, there was no place left to preach the gospel in Asia (minor)!

We wealthier Christians have so much autonomy (relative to most of the world) that we unfortunately feel we can afford to, or we expect to, live our lives seeking increasing comfort. The blessings of God we call it. It is true that God loves to bless His people but we then somehow fail to reach out in love to those different to ourselves, let alone those antagonistic toward us. Imagine Baptists asking the Lord to make their Pentecostal brother or sister the best Pentecostal that they could be, or Pentecostals asking the Lord to make their Baptist brother or sister the best Baptist that they could be!

Furthermore, wanting Kingdom values to come to our communities we, instead of loving and praying them into place, seek to legislate or coerce them into place. Convinced that such values are for the good of all people we can all too often attempt to enforce change in society in a manner that so lacks the fruit of love that it makes the gospel a farce and causes total confusion among a watching world. Behavior like this has caused great personalities like Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi of India to sadly comment" I would have become a Christian myself but I have not found one true Christian yet."

Fortunately the kind of Spirit-led church unity alluded to above is happening in many communities across the world today and has also happened in many communities historically.  According to the Sentinel group, there are at least 140 communities worldwide today that have undergone radical Kingdom transformation as a result of genuine Kingdom lifestyles being adopted by believers. The social, economic, political and even environmental conditions have undergone positive transformations as the Lord has blessed the region.

King's Court Kingdom Living training is designed to help individuals, groups, organizations and churches create an environment that helps individuals maintain and sustain the Kingdom Lifestyle that Jesus has called us too.

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