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Beginning at Pentecost, the Lord has brought revival and Kingdom transformation to many parts of the world throughout history. Revival has typically been short lived, but on occasion it has continued over many years. Revival has typically been the precursor to positive biblical transformation in culture, economics and politics. For example, the profound political and social achievements of people like Lord Shaftsbury and Wilberforce of the nineteenth century rode much on the fervent prayers and support of the converts from the Great Awakenings.

Across the world today, the Lord is still bringing refreshing and renewal to many parts of His Church. In many of these places a new zeal for evangelism and prayer has resulted in revival with thousands becoming Christians. Furthermore where Kingdom oriented revival is occurring, a number of churches, organizations, communities and nations are experiencing extraordinarily positive community transformation: economically, politically, socially and even environmentally.

King's Court Kingdom Publications seeks to creatively and effectively communicate Kingdom principles and practical ministry models to the next generation so that God's Kingdom increasingly comes on earth as in heaven.

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