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Spiritual truths tacitly assumed by one generation often become lost to the following generation and it takes a later generation to rediscover them.
Furthermore churches, organizations and leaders “must develop a ministry philosophy which simultaneously honors Biblical leadership values, embraces the challenges of the times in which they live, and fits their unique giftedness and personal development if they expect to be productive over a whole life time.” It is therefore necessary that the regular reflection and modification of ones ministry philosophy and structures be made to meet changing challenges.

In today’s climate of increasingly rapid change this practice becomes not only important but essential. To successfully meet the enormous challenges in our world today, it therefore follows that Christians have to “be ready to do a fair amount of unlearning so that [they] may take on board the new learning.” Thankfully the Lord has solutions for every problem in every generation and He is both active and present in our world today. Our role is therefore seek God, “find out what [He] has been doing in a community [or nation,] and [then] to follow him.” 

The King's Court Kingdom seeks to effectively articulate Kingdom principles and effective outreach models in words that are meaningful to a broad spectrum of Church groups.  We believe accurate research that can communicate these timeless biblical truths and outreach models will greatly assist the growth of the Kingdom of God.

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